Caddington Village School

Our diverse staff both teaching and non-teaching, play a vital role in fostering a spirit of creativity and independent learning in our school.

We aim to attract our staff from a wide range of backgrounds and they play a vital role in creating our unique community.

We are passionate about creating an environment where both staff and students can learn and work to their full potential.

To develop their skills, our staff receive ongoing, high quality training and development.

Teaching Staff Role
Laura Jackson Executive Headteacher
Chloe Logan Head of School / DSL Safeguarding
Steph Meager SENDCO / DSL Safeguarding
Bryanne Swain Federated Early Years Leader / EYFS Teacher
Kerry Woolf Nursery Nurse / Teaching Assistant
Tish Broom Early Years Teacher
Jayne Taylor Year 1 Teacher
Tiffany Rischling Year 1 Teacher
Hayley Cohen KS1 Leader / Year 2 Teacher
Adam Burgess  Senior Teacher / Year 2 Teacher
Alison Bowman Year 3 Teacher
Irfan Yousuf KS2 Leader / Year 3 Teacher
Steph Alderson-Smith Year 4 Teacher
Lara Dargavel Year 4 Teacher
Anisa Shakeel Year 4 Teacher
Year 5 Teacher
Adam Mitchelmore Year 5 Teacher
Ellie Field Senior Teacher / Year 6 Teacher
Aimee Tyers UKS2 Leader / Year 6 Teacher
Reece Durn Sports Coach
Kylie Davie Cover Supervisor
Yvonne Kelly Cover Supervisor
Kat Bruce Federated Cover Supervisor
Federated Administration Staff Role
Nicki Butler School Business Manager
Jade Rowlatt PA to Headteacher / HR Officer
Amanda Browning Data/ Attendance Administrator
Jarca Handley Federated Administration Assistant - Admissions
Donna Turtle Federated Administration Assistant - Finance
Gill O'Grady Office Assistant
Jaime Casamian Site Agent
Learning Support Role
Lucy Nash Federated Teaching Assistant /Midday Supervisor
Debra Payne Federated Teaching Assistant 
Donna Tuffnell Federated Teaching Assistant 
Vikki Hegarty Federated Teaching Assistant 
Janine Mason Federated Teaching Assistant 
Trinity Joyner Federated Teaching Assistant 
Jules Thornton Federated Teaching Assistant 
Nicola Findlay Federated Teaching Assistant 
Natalie West Federated Teaching Assistant 
Laura Button Federated Teaching Assistant 
Midday Supervisors Role
Yuen Ping Edge Midday Supervisory Assistant
Zdenka Grace Midday Supervisory Assistant
Kim Reay Midday Supervisory Assistant
Dolce Kitchen Staff Role
Sarah Broadhurst Kitchen Manager
Kelly Clark Kitchen Assistant
Myah Bates Kitchen Assistant